JD9C 38500 with Flood Nozzle

Select JD9C 38500 /with GPM Flood Nozzle Tip NEEDED___
JD9-C High Pressure Spray Gun Please Select P/N - GPM needed ( Note; p/n -38636B = Base Ball Pattern Nozzle ) Adjusts quickly from mist to pencil-like stream. Trigger locks on for user comfort. Ruggedly built, precision machined. Wide choice of tips, nozzles and root feeders. CT Model is tapped for use with a gauge to calibrate pressure settings, more accurate than pump gauge. 38500 JD9-C Heavy-duty Spray Gun w/38602 Tip 38501 JD9-CT Heavy-duty Spray Gun for use with Pressure Gauge; with 38602 Tip 38503 JD9-GTV Gun with JD9-CT Grip, Trigger and Valve for use with 39919, 39920 Root Feeders 38505 GES-505 Gun 38507 JD9-PT with Trigger Control Variable Spray Pattern 38514 Pressure Gauge (liquid) for JD9-CT 38515 Pressure Gauge (dry) for JD9-CT