JOHN BLUE DP-230.1 replaced PA-908 BERTOLINI & DP-230 CDS

$1,395.00 Reg. Price $2,023.56   You Save $628.56

CDS JOHN BLUE DP-230.1 MAX PSI 725, MAX GPM 23 @ 550 RPM Please note Picture is of the NEW version PAS-908 and DP-230.1


IMPORTANT NOTES: Picture Is of the NEW version PAS 908 DP-230.1 PUMP NOTICE Discharge has been moved to the Side OPTIONAL PRESSURE REG P/N SC-1480-3 ________________________________________ ** ALSO WHEN REPLACING AN OLD VERSION DP-230 & PA 908 YOU WILL ALSO NEED TO ORDER A BYPASS REMOTE KIT # DP-318921

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