CDP 150 Cannon 3PT Hitch Sprayer

150 GALLON CANNON AIR SPRAYER * 20 gpm @ 500 psi max pump TWO SPEED Gear Box with neutral , 18" squirrel cage type fan with Clutch
Standard Features Hot dipped galvanized metal frame Hot dipped galvanized blower housing 150 gallon poly tank Jet agitation Tank level sight gauge tube Bertolini PA830 20 gpm @ max 500 psi pump Hydraulic controlled cannon head, use tractor hydraulic remotes (two remotes required) for left to right as well as up and down motion Suction filtration, tank lid basket and nozzle strainers 9 single rollover nozzles with check valve and individual shut off Manual spray controls (cable controls not available) Glycerin filled stainless steel pressure gauge Two speed gearbox with neutral 18 squirrel cage type fan with clutch Crating included on base unit